Merry Christmas from Art Craft Crazy image

I would like to say Merry Christmas from Art Craft Crazy. Wow what a big year, I think I’ve churned out over 40 video’s! that’s massive. I have been slowed by two pretty big interruptions, spinal surgery in March 2016 and a fall at the back of my local supermarket where i broke my dominant hand. I know! this is a major set back for a crafter. 2017 will be a catch up year and I have some awesome tutorials planned for you all. As Art Craft Crazy grows, we will be adding a shop and more free tutorials for art and craft plus, whatever you think will be useful around your home. Thank you for following me throughout 2016 and have ...

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Mini notebook tutorial free pattern image

My easy to follow video how to make a mini notebook tutorial free pattern. It fits in your purse, pop it in with handmade orders or gifts you send out. They’re handy enough to write a phone number or reminder on. Perfect for promotional giveaways… Make them using your business colours, and give one away to your customers with their purchase. Use your business colours, and give one away to your customers with their purchase. even go as far as to stamp your details on the back! Download free pdf pattern Cut out your notebooks by hand use the pdf. pattern and hand cut out with scissors or use your guillotine. 10 covers fit perfectly on a 12×12 sheet or ...

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Make cookie stencils using milk cartons video

Recycled and food safe! I show you how to make cookie stencils using milk cartons, a craft punch, either a scanNcut or hand cut. Stenciling cookies have evolved into a popular edible art form nowadays. You can create your own custom food safe stencil by cutting up a cardboard milk carton. I spent a bit of time searching online for food safe acetate. By the time you pay shipping it will cost too much, plus I was wondering was it really, food safe? With my DIY method of recycling milk cartons, there’s no waiting for stencils to arrive in the mail. When you think about it, you’ve already paid for the card stock packaging when you buy the milk.  Be ...

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Corner bookmark halloween design video

There’s only 2 folds to make this corner bookmark halloween design. Get the free fcm cut file from the link below. I have designed this corner bookmark specifically  for the scanNcut machine. Once you download the file to your computer you can save it to a usb, then pop it onto your scanNcut data file. Change the size if you want and cut out as many as you like. Usually the file will be in your downloads folder, I used Brother Canvas and windows 10 to create this file. Corner bookmark halloween design The witch is a copyright © of Brother ScanNcut  The corner bookmark cut file design is a copyright © of Art Craft Crazy  .fcm cut file download ...

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Canvas cut out art video

The process of canvas cut out art is perfect if you’re not a painter, or if you want some different wall art. I show you how to cut the canvas to get the corners with no over cuts, giving you a nice piece of artwork. Stretched canvas frames are a quick and easy way to decorate your room, you can take a part, or all the design from a cushion or bed cover, and copy it to your canvas, or use my free download cat printable design. The white canvas frame looks awesome on a brightly painted wall, because when you cut out your pattern or design you can see whatever is behind it through the cut outs. Place it ...

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Sugar skull polymer necklace video

How to make a Sugar skull polymer necklace, great for beginners because no mold needed. Make them as quirky as you want, everyone will want one. I used FIMO because it’s easy to get in Australia from Spotlight or Riot Art stores. It’s also easy to get the little flowers and beads I used for the decoration on the head. Polymer clay stays soft so you can mold it to any shape, and once baked it goes hard and stays that way forever. When you get to the baking stage, follow the instructions on the packet because every manufacturer has various baking times for their product. Firstly, knead and shape the polymer clay, shape the head into a ball then flatten ...

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Edible finger paint recipe standard

Colourful, edible finger paint recipe. I know that sounds strange, it’s not meant to be eaten it’s just non-toxic. With a video to show you how to make and colour your own no cook basic version. I made this up for the kids using off the shelf food colouring from woolies in Australia. The brighter the better! pdf: printable edible finger paint recipe video: how to make finger paint The reason I have called it edible is because if your child accidentally puts their fingers in their mouth while painting, it isn’t going to hurt them, because it’s non-toxic. I know that when my grandchildren paint they get it all over themselves, it’s finger paint after all, so it does end ...

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80th Birthday Party Theme gallery


It was pretty easy putting our mums 80th birthday party theme together because, I used simple elements with little embellishments. Hot glue, silk flowers and a teapot started off the them. It worked a treat for two, no, three reasons. One, because it was a quirky minimalistic table setting Two, because most of the guests were elderly and didn't plan on staying very long. Three it was a Christmas eve party! and the venue was in a restaurant at the local club After traveling 6 hours to the venue to prepare for the party, with a cake on the back seat driving on winding country roads, the last thing we needed to do was have lots of things to do. The answer, use simple ...

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Watercolour tips to improve how to paint video

Want some help? watercolour tips to improve how to paint, like paper how to tape it down and lighten your pencil lines. It’s all important because if you don’t know these tips you might not be happy with your finished piece. Credit for the video goes to: Kelly Eddington Watercolors I am so excited when I find such talented artists like Kelly that are happy to share their skills with you, enjoy and learn from her with much excitement and joy, below are some snippets from Kelly’s about me page where she talks about watercolor painting tips on her Youtube channel. Watercolor Tips to Improve Paintings – 5 Beginner Mistakes This info is straight from Kelly’s Youtube channel, off her ...

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Transfer a photo onto a candle video

This is an easy way to transfer a photo or text, anything really that you can print on your printer. Print it onto tissue paper and then melt it onto a candle using a hairdryer. It’s easy to do at home and you don’t need several supplies to do it. All you need is a cheapy to print your own candle, and it turns out great! I have made a couple of these candles because they are so popular and I really enjoyed making them. Watch the video and get some plain white tissue paper and get creating. White tissue paper White pillar candle Digital photo to print on the tissue paper Baking paper or greaseproof paper Hand towel or ...

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