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Mini Tags foil Cover standard

Hello f your making the mini tag journal that I have demonstrated in this video here Mini TAGS journal This TEMPLATE is for the foil COVER Print this template out using only a laser printer (it will not work on an inkjet) I used 100gsm cardstock for the mini tag journal COVER  there's also an fcm cut file for the tags that goes with this mini journal on another download link page here Happy crafting with your free fcm cut file cheers Donna

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Mini tags FCM cut file standard

If your making the mini tag journal that I have demonstrated in this video here Mini TAGS journal The tags have a double use you’ll be able to use them as little tickets as well as the base of your journal cover. This fcm cut file for the ScanNcut machine will come in really handy for you. I used 100gsm cardstock for the mini tag journal and 200gsm if i'm using them as a mini tag there's also a cover pattern that goes with this mini journal on another download link page here Happy crafting with your free fcm cut file cheers Donna AMAZON affiliate link where to get yourself a detailer clean up tool like I used in this video please use the blue link to get ...

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Vintage alphabet stamps standard

Easy to make DIY vintage alphabet stamps using craft foam and cardboard. The letters are 6mm or 2 1/2" high and the alphabet pattern is available right now for free download for you to get started making and stamping. Create your own journal pages or tags, actually you can use them on anything that takes ink. I have hand drawn the alphabet in capital letters on my ipad in a rough outline to save on ink when printing. free printable capital letters The alphabet sheet is already mirrored for you, so you don't have to think about that. I've also marked the bottom of each letter with the word bottom, so you know once you cut them out that you need to have ...

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Flip out page pocket standard

Download your Kraft grid print pocket flip out. This is a page you can add to the back of a signature cover that is a large pocket and has 3 extra pockets on the top, when it flips out it has heaps of journaling space underneath. I have used the kraft grid print pocket pattern I made shown in this video here, it's an easy way to use these cute pockets on the back page of a signature. The pattern I have provided here is for use with a 21cm high signature. You can make the height of it as high or as short as you want, just adjust it to be the height of your journal. the width needs to be the ...

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Kraft grid pocket standard

Print and make your own grid kraft pocket !! it’s got so many ways you can print it and make it look different, what you put in it will make it look different too. easiest pocket you'll make today! The pattern for this little kraft pocket has the grid design already on it ready for you to print out, Download it here today it a freebie, see the link below. So you can get even more create I’ve also included a blank template. That way you can print it out on whatever card stock you want, then embellish it to suit your junk journal. If you’re wondering what size is it? it fits a standard playing card in it, easily. cheers Donna Phillips watch the ...

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Faux matchbox cover #1 standard

Everyone loves a mini junk journal, but would you like to make an adorable vintage matchbox junk journal? If you would like to make a mini junk journal made from a vintage matchbox grab your headphones and tune in!! This tutorial show's you how to make a fully functional mini journal Tutorial video  Mini junk journal tutorial | made from a vintage matchbox It's great idea to use up either a broken matchbox and or your paper scraps and take your paper craft to another level. If you don't have any matchboxes check out my freebie printable FAUX matchbox (link below) Facebook Group Junk Journal ideas      It has tea dyed pages you can add your own mini pockets and stamping like a big journal has… watch the ...

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journal page ideas #1 instructions standard

This Journal page idea is unique, the method I have created is a series of folds that makes a pocket on both sides of the page, using the page itself!! The same page uses the same paper folded to make a pocket on the front and the back of the page. Download this instruction sheet and watch the video to make the fold work for you. Once you've done it once you'll be right. Regards ...

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Mini envelope TAB pattern standard

Mini envelope TABS made from left over tea dyed paper or printed pattern papers. Three cheeky little folds to shape an envelope that’s used for a tab in your junk journal, or on a journaling card. I reckon you could even use these as bookmarks in a book your reading. There’s a place to leave a message inside Ink with your favourite stamp, then you have a unique little junk journal tab. You can use up scraps of coffee dyed paper to make these junk journal page tabs or tea dyed paper. They look great using scrapbook designer papers too, nothing is wasted in your scrap box. please use the blue link to get your download 1 download limit per person ...

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Kraft card envelope US letter standard

Kraft card envelope US letter size instructions and pattern The instructions have the score and fold lines marked on it. The pattern itself is blank, this is so you can print it directly onto your kraft card or patterned cardstock This pattern is adjustable. If you want to you can make the envelope what ever size you want, by moving the v-shape up higher and just put your foldlines where ever you want. This pattern is not set in stone Blog post: kraft card envelope packaging Paper size I have provided you with a US letter size instructions and a US letter size pattern because of the foldlines, they are in a different place to the A4 size pattern please use the blue link to get your ...

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