5 Heart Ideas that are sure to give you enough combinations for valentine’s day, a wedding or an anniversary. These ideas can be used on any craft project you like. They’re perfect heart embellishments to put on a mixed media project, a gift box or a handmade card. There could be so many uses for these little love hearts, the ones I’ve made are perfect to get you started, inspired.

White on White for Wedding hearts

Change the color to all whites and add some glitter, tulle and gems, and you have a beautiful wedding heart.

I’ve used foam board (non-porous) because it’s easy to get and I like the white background to show off the colors. The metallic inks lay on top and blend beautifully and when they dry the shine is awesome. If you prefer to use card stock, you can no worries at all, you may get a slightly different result to what I’m achieving here.
I can’t include everything in this video, because the video would be even longer than the half hour it took me to show you the 5 heart ideas that I designed.

Bonus 2 hearts…there are two bonus hearts at the end of the video as well, so really there are seven heart designs in all.

5 Heart Ideas

  • #1 hot glue circles white or pearl white background
  • #2 hot glue and metallic concentrated colorant, blended
  • #3 hot glue and red blends using alcohol inks with a glossy finish
  • #4 rainbow heart with seed bead stripes, pearl drops and glossy accent finish
  • #5 aluminium foil, seed beads and glossy accent finish
  • #6 Bonus heart one… a re-purposed earring, sticker gems, simplicity is often the best
  • #7 Bonus heart two… I did spend a bit of time on this one, hint it’s pink and shiny…

Heart 1/   uses hot glue, texture paste and shiny finish metallic paint
Heart 2/   uses hot glue and blends 3 metallic colors of a concentrated colorant
Heart 3/   uses hot glue and blends 2 dark rich reds and soften with white (raisin & chilli pepper)
Heart 4/   uses seed beads, pearl drops and a glossy accent finish
Heart 5/   uses aluminium foil, seed beads and a glossy finish (glossy accents)

PDF: Template for Art Craft Crazy Heart

There is no demonstration for the last two hearts, but I’m confident that you will be able to work out how to do them yourself after watching the tutorial of the first five.
I Loved making these heart embellishments and I may even show up later with what I use them on.

If these valentines day hearts have inspired you to make some you might also like this mixed media heart embellishment I made in a previous video, using aluminium foil and acrylic paint on foam board.