It was pretty easy putting our mums 80th birthday party theme together because, I used simple elements with little embellishments. Hot glue, silk flowers and a teapot started off the them. It worked a treat for two, no, three reasons.

  • One, because it was a quirky minimalistic table setting
  • Two, because most of the guests were elderly and didn’t plan on staying very long.
  • Three it was a Christmas eve party! and the venue was in a restaurant at the local club

After traveling 6 hours to the venue to prepare for the party, with a cake on the back seat driving on winding country roads, the last thing we needed to do was have lots of things to do.

The answer, use simple elements with little embellishments.

Use your cake for a centerpiece on the table…

Please don’t go to the trouble of decorating your cake or paying lots for your cake and hiding it in the corner, or worse out in the kitchen! I put mums cake out on the center of the table where she was sitting, first thing so she and others could look at it all night, before she cut it and shared it around with her guests.

Because I am not a baker, I had a professional baker, bake the chocolate mud cake, and prepare the chocolate ganache, big shout out to Vanilla Lane, thank you so much for baking for me at christmas time!

I did however decorate the cake. Breaking out mums vintage cake decorating tools, making the roses with homemade royal icing, and covered the cake with white fondant and a royal icing stencil on the sides.

Our local laser cutter designed and cut the cake topper, using a metallic gold finish which carried on the theme, it says 80 years loved.

I used an edible gold dust on the roses and gold stars holding the helium balloons on the tables.

Party themes for elderly…

I spotted some vintage floral pattern sets for $25AU, it would cost more but would be beautiful on any pedestal you choose. PLAN AHEAD to save money…These sort of projects are best to do if you think ahead.

This cup and saucer cost me $1. and the pedestal cost $1 from the charity shop. I started looking for these cups and saucers well in advance. The tea cup and saucers had a simple gold pin stripe rim around and were a bargain buy

I have catered and planned lots of parties in my day, and I totally enjoyed planning this party for my mum. I will definitely be creating more party themes for adults like mums 80th pictured here.

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