I’m Donna Phillips, the founder and creator of art craft crazy. I have had a name change and I am now known as Junk Journal ideas. I am married to a wonderful man who supports me no end and puts up with my passion for all things crafty.

I live in Australia – not in the city, but in the country. My office is the best place to work because I am surrounded by open space, chickens, cattle, horses, dogs and the most beautiful wild birds.

I always wanted to own a shop when I was a kid, and I have worked for myself from the age of 19.
I have so much information and knowledge to share with you all. My parents were very talented. My mum had done everything from cake decorating to card making, I think she is the reason I’m a little art craft crazy!

My dad was a thinker, I reckon he should have been an inventor because he could make anything!
I am lucky enough to have a mixture of the two. I left school at 14, since then Google has been my teacher.
I created this website and JunkJournalideas website after years of learning about internet marketing.

As well as being a web designer, I handmake journals, I call them a modern day diary made to look like old books. I am a certified food coach, this came about because of an illness I have been dealing with for a few years now. I love to help people, I love to teach and share my ideas with others.

I love cake art, creating video’s about DIY crafts, business tips, home décor, web and logo design services, as well as video’s, like the one shown here.
I love animals, because dogs, you will agree with me like cats, art and craft are therapeutic.
I am confident, motivating and passionate about my work, every week we will have something new. Once you have read this, pop on over to our Junk Journal ideas YouTube channel and see what’s on the big craft table today.

It’s great to have you here, I hope you can take some time to have a look around.

Have a super day
Donna Phillips
founder and creator
of  Junk Journal ideas
(formally art craft crazy)


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