Art supplies for kids

Make or buy your art supplies for kids, I do both and have top tips on how to get stuff for $1 or $5 and make a sensory box for best value and hours of fun. Sometimes it just makes sense to buy ready to go straight outta the box, if your are a working parent, and time permitting you will get satisfaction out of making your own with the kids before they start their masterpieces. Psst, there’s free printable wrapping paper below…

Art supplies for kids from Spotlight


These paints were are bargain at only $5. For only five dollars for each packet!

I picked up a quality product for an affordable price. Keep on the lookout for these type of art supplies in the bargain bins, in Spotlight they are usually in the front of the store near the checkouts.


This stack of felt was on sale as well at 30% off, I search for these sale items each time I enter the store.


Tip: we used a $1 disposable plastic tablecloth for him to sit on and then just cleaned up by rolling it up and throwing it out, and believe me he made a bit of a mess that you wouldn’t allow on the table or directly on the floor.

Art supplies for kids sensory box

This is a great idea you won’t see this one coming! It’s a two in one idea. Get a cardboard box and put a variety of art supplies in it, and let your children decide what it is that they want to create, using the box as their canvas.

Your children can either paint, draw or glue things to the box or even onto paper plates or what ever you have in the box. Tie things together or use the crayons, watch this video to see how little master 5 packs his own art supplies into the box, then paints, he sat on the floor and played all by himself for 2 and ½ hours.

Design your own t-shirt with fabric paint pens

Designing on fabric is fun and it allows your kids to be unique, and they love to wear their own art. I painted this t-shirt by hand using fabric paint pens, which I had delivered from an ebay store, the perfect place to get any art and craft supplies.

Turn your children’s drawings into wearable art by transferring them onto a t-shirt, watch the video tutorial here.

Basic steps are; firstly iron on a transfer of the outline first, we show you how to make your own stencil, iron it on and the best way to use the paint pens.

I have screen printed T-shirts in the past and these paint pens are another fun way to personalize your plain coloured clothing easily at home.

Make your own edible finger paint

I know that sounds strange, it’s not meant to be eaten it’s just non-toxic. If you want to save some money and agree that your art supply warehouse is just too expensive! Make your own it’s easy, if you have flour, salt and sugar in the pantry you can make finger paint at home, how cool is that!

This recipe is for a homemade edible finger paint, yes edible, remember baby is not actually eating this, however we both know that they will be putting their fingers in their mouth during play time. I recommend that you give your children a little snack before you start finger painting with them, that way they won’t be thinking of it so much as food.

I really hope all these art supplies for kids tips and video’s help you to create a fantastic environment, because I know how much my little master 5 enjoyed playing with his sensory box and wearing the t-shirt I painted using the artwork my son done when he was a little boy.

Printable wrapping paper

Now every good craft room should have some wrapping paper, but you don’t need it to be taking up room in your space, so we have a solution, print it as you need it.

This clever kids design gift wrap comes as a free printable and is one to save in your favourites folder, it’s a fun way to wrap presents, the kids will just love this one!
Credit: goes to Mr Printables and please check out his terms and conditions of use.

DIY truck decal gift wrap

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