Arts and crafts ideas

Arts and crafts ideas to ignite your creative side, print your own candle or elbow patch transfer, perfect $2 coloring book organizer, DIY modge podge…

If you’re art craft crazy like me, you’ll love the variety I’ll be sharing with you, because I have lots and I mean lots of art and craft ideas to show you on this website.

I’ll help you make birthday presents, and some awesome stuff for yourself. If you’re looking for inspiration and craft ideas, watch this video called print your own candle I made it the other day, it shows you how to transfer a photo onto a pillar candle. There’s also a copy of the video below.

I also have other ideas to share on how to decorate your bedroom, we can even give you a recipe for a homemade mod podge it’s a glue you will use over and over if your are a crafter. Book mark this website because we will be adding to the pages and blogging with lots of time saving and cost effective alternatives using a variety of mediums.

Arts and crafts are not just for displaying on walls. Craft can be used to organise your home, decorate your clothes, and is pleasing to the eye, and of course even better when it’s practical for everyday use. We are attracted to making things simple, and pack as much learning into our life as we can, we never stop looking for arts and crafts ideas and the amount of ideas are endless.

DIY elbow patch transfers

This one is definitely combining your art and craft skills, and is so cute! Whether you like kittens, puppies or elephants the idea is to keep it simple. You will need a printer and some printable fabric transfer paper sheets, and your off and running, cut out your design and iron it on.
Oh, so easy this one is 🙂

It’s not always easy to come up with your own design ideas for the kids. I like to keep it simple because it just plain straight out works! I found this cute little happy cat face over at the

Print out the cat face directly onto the iron on transfer paper, watch the video the kids and I made showing you how to do it here, cat face elbow transfer patch video.

Transfer a photo onto a candle

candle_transfer_1_ArtCC_watermarkGrab a candle and get ready to create a work of art, a pillar candle like the one shown here in the picture works best to place your design on. You can cover a little bit or the whole candle with flowers, music notes or your favourite shapes and colours to match your décor, you could then cover that with homemade mod podge, or a decoupage medium, or just melt the transfer on like I did.

Use your own color printer and personalise your candle with clipart or pictures. These are beautiful candles, you can make your candle as personal as you want, this was designed on a computer using photoshop. Enjoy, see how I done mine here on this Youtube video.

Dish drying rack colouring book organizer

Arts and crafts ideas, oh yeh no worries! here’s a $2 one
Keep coloring books in a small dish-drying rack.
Stack the books like plates between the prongs, and put the crayons and coloring pencils in the utensil caddy

perfect! Wish I had thought of it.

Home made mod podge glue

you will find this glue very useful and also easy to make, it’s 50% PVA glue and 50% water.
Put it in an airtight jar and give it a stir, another way to save money for your art supplies. I only made a small jar because you don;t need very much unless you are doing a large project, either way making your own will save you a lot of money.

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