Clipboard art frame

This colourful clipboard art frame idea is amazing! trendy plastic stationery folders used for art frames an original idea from art craft crazy will blow your mind! Stand aside you old timber clipboard frames, your so yesterday! Change out your art as often as you like.

Plastic clipboard art frame

If you don’t have the money to spend on picture frames, get some of these clip boards from the office supplies section or grab them out of your home office. Hang them in different colors in a row like we have done here, they look fantastic.
A bonus is when you buy them and up-do them like I have done you still get to use the front bit for your office, and the back bit have the clips on ready to hang your art or message on, so they really are a cheap picture frame.

We have more ideas or picture frames for you here, they are great not only for your kids art projects but for your house or office walls as well. I’ve made a short video to show you how simple the clipboard art frame is to make.

Clipboard art frame tips

Tip 1: keep the boards plain and let the artwork take center stage
Tip 2: use 3M removable hooks to hang the frames if you are not able to put permanent hooks on your wall. (how to use the 3M hooks below)

How to hang your clipboard art frame

plastic_picture_3M_idea_3Use 3M removable velcro picture hanging strips, they are perfect for this frame. All you need to do is get a packet of the strips, put one on one each side of the back of the plastic folder and one the same apart on the wall, press the two together. That’s it that’s all, it’s so easy, they are removable and won’t damage your wall if you take them off following the manufacturers directions.

These colorful frames look great in a child’s bedroom or in your office, the amount of things you can put on them are endless… they would make great shop signs to advertise a sale or a new item as well.

Pin and share this page with your friends it’s so easy to do, the folders are easy to get and make, watch the video and subscribe to my channel and you will see more how to video’s as I upload them.

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