Fun art projects for kids

Children are natural learners, these fun art projects for kids gives opportunity for parents to tap into early years and shape children’s learning before they start school.

Children also do best in a fun environment, to me all arts and crafts involves fun for little hands. Provide a child with paints, playdough, bits and pieces of paper, feathers and fabric and you have just given them the beginning of inspiration to express their creativity. If I can sneak in something that’s educational I will, it’s always a bonus.

Educational craft stick creatures

When I decided to write this page about fun art projects for kidsit didn’t take much for me to get volunteers to help me make these craft stick creatures, and when they were finished to give them names, and make a little video of them having fun.

This project was so easy to do because all we needed was some craft supplies and a camera and a happy child or two. I hit the play button and let it roll, the kids love watching themselves on video, play it back and watch their faces! Check out our video of how we used education techniques and turned them into crafts for kids. It was a fun project as you will see in the video of little master 5 playing with what I made for him.

Design your own coffee mugs

Most of the kids crafts we have shown you here are not hard to do or find supplies for. We show you where to get porcelain markers from, and how to decorate your own coffee mugs.

Use the printable art craft crazy bunny stencil we have designed for you to use, which is perfect for kids, it fits a standard size coffee mug, or you can freehand your own directly onto the cup. My video tutorial shows you how to do the transfer, and how to paint directly onto your ceramic mug, there are other idea’s I have come up with to get you inspired to do some more adult designs later.

Tip 1: if you are using a new mug give it a few washes in the dishwasher or by hand before you paint on it
Tip 2:  some cheap mugs and porcelain painters will need to be baked after drawing because the way they are manufactured prevents adhesion of the porcelain paint, be aware it may wash off otherwise. (always bake just in case)

Marabu porcelain marker (used in the video)

Home made modelling clay recipe

As promised more fun art projects for kids! Make this air dried modelling clay, there’s only two ingredients, this stuff is so easy to make, it’s air dried you can add food coloring to it, or color it once it’s dry with crayons, paint etc.

It’s a modelling clay made from glue and cornflour and I had more fun than the kids did with this one. I made some pretty cool decorations for my wrapping paper video tutorial, and saved a bundle doing it this way.

Get the modelling clay recipe here and watch the video on how to make it because I have some tips on how to get the consistency just right.

Pop over to my Youtube channel and subscribe, so you can see the new video’s as i put them up, like the video on the wrapping idea’s that i made from the modeling clay, they turned out really cool you’ll be surprised at what I made with this modelling clay, I done a few different things to the norm.

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