Kids art projects

Some projects here at art craft crazy take me months to research and put together, so I love it when I can show you art for kids that is quick and easy to complete.

Include fun in kids art projects

When my boys were growing up we had to create our own fun, we had no internet to get ideas from, nothing like that at all, so all of our ideas come from imagination, magazines or school teachers.

Kids have lots of their own ideas when it comes to creating art, so make sure you include them in the decision making because they have no restrictions when it comes using their imaginations.

They will use random colors or pick colors that match their bedrooms, we have some colourful frame ideas as well to show off their art when their done. Most of all make it fun and colourful if you can handle it include some noise, nah just kidding!

Abstract painting

A great kids art project is abstract painting and all you need is a few different colours of paint, some paper and a paint brush. Plus we have a great clipboard art frame for you to make to display your children’s artwork when it’s finished.

Abstract art is perfect for kids, because it’s so much easier for them to do and it’s a fun way to learn about art. Kids can have lots of fun placing the paint dots all over the place and brushing the colours across the paper in what ever direction they want.

Using dots of paint like this is fun and when children are not sure about what it is they want to paint next, this will keep them entertained, see the beginners abstract painting video demo here on how it’s done.

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