10 easy baby card ideas that’s sure to get you started. I made so many versions of these cute babies by adding some text and some printable graphics. This baby card tutorial is easy to follow and a great way to use up off cuts and even small scraps.

make your own stickers

I made some of my own stickers out of matching papers using clear double sided adhesive, some using just glue. I used a cute little baby that I got off the internet from kisspng.com that is licenced for personal use only, that is perfect for cards to give away, but don’t use this baby© if you plan on selling. If you plan on selling your cards, make sure you draw your own graphics. Or have the right licence in place for online sourced graphics.

Link to graphics: kisspng.com for various graphics I used to make these cards here
Note: the graphics used on this site are of low resolution 72 dpi, this is normally better for online use, however if you keep them small for a card you can get away with using them as a printable for your cards. Try these tips for getting a better print

  • turn them into a pdf first, then print and cut them out
  • if using photoshop in layer tab, flatten image then save and print

If you would prefer a high resolution floral set, you can get them here

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Infant Girl Cartoon Illustration - Cute baby girl @kisspng


White stork Infant Baby shower - Vector baby is coming @kisspng   baby-stork-card-art-craft-crazy

Infant Baby shower Boy Clip art - Baby Girl PNG File @kisspng   


Infant Baby Transport Pictogram Clip art - Pram @kisspng   pram-stroller-card-art-craft-crazy

Floral design Watercolor painting Flower - Watercolor floral <img src=   flowers-card-art-craft-crazy