A useful DIY, how to make a bathmat using old towels. Cosy under foot and they cost you nothing, super absorbent because they’re nice and thick. Fold three times for the big towels, twice for the smaller towels.

Bathroom on a budget

I’ve been making my own bathmats using old towels for 35 years now. Bathmats are not cheap to buy, so if you’re on a budget this is gonna save you money. They really are thick enough on their own but, if you want them to be thicker pop some wadding in between one of the layers before you sew them together.

Perfect if you have basic sewing skills because you only need fold the towels up and sew around the edges. It’s also fine to use either a zig zag or a straight stitch, it really doesn’t matter. It’s probably a good idea to put a heavier needle in your machine to handle the thickness, something that you would use for denim or the like.

Rainy day door mat

Another top use for these bathmats are, door rugs on a rainy day…
If it’s pouring rain and you want to put a stop to muddy feet. Plus save your décor rug from getting wet and dirty. Pop one of these out instead, and when your done throw it in the wash.

Bathmat using old towels

I found 4 old towels in the cupboard that aren’t quite good enough to use anymore. I have 4 bathrooms so I am going to make another bathmat using old towels before the holidays are over. It doesn’t matter whether you use old bath towels or beach towels they both work fine.  

Now you know what to do with old bath towels you can make some up for the Batchelor’s pad aka man cave. Or like i said, use them at back door on a rainy day, they are so convenient.

bathmat using old towels

bathmat made from old bath towels