Party Hat from a paper plate video

Need a party hat real quick? This video is about how to make a party hat from a paper plate. Grab your hot glue gun and some bling and hit play… Stand out at your New Year’s celebration, a Birthday or work party and I'll bet you now one will know your wearing a paper plate on your head! If you love dressing up for parties and want a unique and cute bespoke party hat, make a party hat from a paper plate. They’re so easy to make and you can make them to match your outfit or your party theme. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ...

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Shaker card 3D toothy tiger design video

How to make a Shaker card 3D toothy tiger design for a birthday or a gift card. I like to raise the background in my shaker cards because the micro beads pass in and around the bits and pieces, and get stuck here and there, that makes them look really cool. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Cut a corner bookmark and glue it inside the shaker box for a different kind of 3D shaker card. I show you how I used 3D (raised) box packaging for the shaker window...that I recycled from Christmas gift tags that I paid $3.00 for and they turned out perfect. This Card is a cute square happy birthday shaker card. You ...

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Gold foil tea light candle covers for Christmas video

Make these cute little Gold foil tea light candle covers for Christmas. It’s hot foil printing using a toner printer and a laminator. Free printable of the paper wraps with three designs, stars and Christmas trees. I have done mine, with gold foil on brown paper, they look so cute. Tea Light Candles look amazing on the table in a group or up on the mantle piece out of children’s reach. You will need some gold reactive foil, there are a few brands, like Minc and iCraft deco foil. It’s easy to get either in store like Spotlight in Australia, I like to get it on sale because they are a bit expensive in there. Or Craft Online they have reasonable prices ...

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Love is Love Handmade Cards video

Love is Love Handmade Cards, made with Love to celebrate equality in Australia. Art Craft Crazy have designed a square card celebrating Love in a personal way with a verse inside that completes the feels. Love is Love Handmade Cards My cards are unique and most are a one off design, so you need to get in quick, because I may not have that particular piece of paper ever again. I use handmade embellishments that I have made myself for these cards, so you will not get these beautiful designs anywhere else. If you do miss out on a handmade card that has been listed in the Art Craft Crazy Shop please send me a contact message and let me know what ...

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What to do if your facebook effect stays in review video

What to do if your facebook effect stays in review too long. Camera effects puts a transparent overlay on your profile picture’s, as well as photos and videos on your smart phone. But what do you do when you’ve created a frame in Facebook camera effects platform, and it’s stuck there, what’s going on? In this video, I show you how to get things moving, and how to get your frame submitted and checked as active. Facebook frames showing in review and active Facebook effect "stuck in review" status get this heart frame here: Feel free to use any of my designs to frame your facebook stories and profile pictures, if there is something in particular that you think would look nice in ...

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How to use Facebook camera effects platform to create frames video

Heard of Facebook Camera Effects yet? I show you how to use Facebook camera effects platform to create frames, it’s all new! But have you figured out how to find frame studio and how to use it? Facebook love giving us new tools to enjoy, they say "it connects art and technology to build new experiences" Camera effects puts an overlay on your profile picture or your photo’s and video’s on your smart phone, genius! Anyone can create artwork and upload it in “frame studio” to create a transparent overlay, a frame that covers their profile, or smart phone. Anyone can use it, it’s not just for yourself. It gets shared, users get to select whichever frame they like, for as ...

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How to upload a Facebook Video Banner on pages image

How to upload a Facebook Video Banner on pages, because people love engagement and Video Banners work really well. It's all about attention! if you can get your facebook visitors attention and engagement, boom! you will have them hitting that like button quicker than a slap on a mosquito! New Facebook Video Banner New Facebook Video Banner As soon as the changes were available to us here in Australia, I went through my video library and put this 70 second video banner together for Art Craft Crazy's business page, in a very short time. The Video: MP4 20-90 seconds 820 x 312 pixels plays on auto loop has a sound mute and volume button How to upload a Facebook Video Banner on ...

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Toolbox for any side of ScanNcut machine image

Make a simple toolbox for any side of ScanNcut machine and never lose your tools again. It’s compact, removable and won’t damage your machine. Fits either the left side of your ScanNCut or the right side. You’ll be that impressed with your little toolbox for your Brother Cutting Machine, because your stylus and scraper fits perfectly, and it’s so handy you’ll want to make one for each end. ScanNcut machine side tool holder Never lose your ScanNcut tools again! If you have ever lost your tools before and had to search under your card stock, only to find your stylus had rolled off onto the floor, you will want one of my easy to make toolboxes, for sure. Because it’s a ...

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How to wrap a present creatively video

How to wrap a present creatively without using wrapping paper, print the template, cut, fold the sides, glue it up and it’s ready! This easy little project can be printed using so many different types of paper. tie raffia knots and use balsa wood for decoration   The first one I show you is plain. With an ornamental knot, which is a twisted piece of raffia twine glued on the front and a piece of balsa wood for the background. It works really well for wrapping gifts for men.     Now onto the Ladies design where you can glue little gems all over, or print the template out on pre-patterned paper that will fit your theme. use the template to place over a printable ...

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