The process of canvas cut out art is perfect if you’re not a painter, or if you want some different wall art. I show you how to cut the canvas to get the corners with no over cuts, giving you a nice piece of artwork.
Stretched canvas frames are a quick and easy way to decorate your room, you can take a part, or all the design from a cushion or bed cover, and copy it to your canvas, or use my free download cat printable design.

canvas_cut_out_artThe white canvas frame looks awesome on a brightly painted wall, because when you cut out your pattern or design you can see whatever is behind it through the cut outs. Place it over a string of battery operated low lights, or a coloured sheet of paper. It depends on what you hang it on, because that changes everything.

Bring out your arty side using all the same size or a mix of pre-stretched canvas frames from spotlight or the two dollar shops, more than one looks great.
If you’re not into cats like the cat printable I have provided here for you, find some easy shapes you like. Draw them on the back of the canvas frame and start cutting. Even if you’re not a crafty person, you can do canvas cut out art if you give yourself time, don’t rush.
You need a craft cutting knife, a pre-stretched canvas frame and a cutting mat. Place your kitty cat design on the back, then watch my video on how to cut out the canvas and your off and running!
I reckon this would look great in a teenager’s bedroom, the canvasses can be left white, or painted in colours to match your room.
Check out my pinterest page and Youtube channel for inspiration, not only for canvas art, I have heaps of idea’s and add more each week, you are welcome to use them, most of my designs are free for personal use.