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Craft caddy organizer video

Craft caddy organizer, keep one handy and find anything your looking for! The top tray is removable and the 3 draws so handy, are also removable. I made this because my craft table was such a mess when I was creating. My accountant gave me 6 file folders that come in individual boxes. DIY craft caddy draws and tray I immediately visualised how I could make a craft caddy using the boxes as draws and shelves. It’s a cheap craft organizer and you can move it to wherever your crafting or working on your table. Check out what I used for draw handles!Look at the difference of the before and after of my workspace. If you couldn’t be bothered making one for yourself, here’s a similar ...

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How to wrap a present creatively video

How to wrap a present creatively without using wrapping paper, print the template, cut, fold the sides, glue it up and it’s ready! This easy little project can be printed using so many different types of paper. tie raffia knots and use balsa wood for decoration   The first one I show you is plain. With an ornamental knot, which is a twisted piece of raffia twine glued on the front and a piece of balsa wood for the background. It works really well for wrapping gifts for men.     Now onto the Ladies design where you can glue little gems all over, or print the template out on pre-patterned paper that will fit your theme. use the template to place over a printable ...

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Edible finger paint recipe standard

Colourful, edible finger paint recipe. I know that sounds strange, it’s not meant to be eaten it’s just non-toxic. With a video to show you how to make and colour your own no cook basic version. I made this up for the kids using off the shelf food colouring from woolies in Australia. The brighter the better! pdf: printable edible finger paint recipe video: how to make finger paint The reason I have called it edible is because if your child accidentally puts their fingers in their mouth while painting, it isn't going to hurt them, because it's non-toxic. I know that when my grandchildren paint they get it all over themselves, it's finger paint after all, so it does end up in ...

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80th Birthday Party Theme gallery


It was pretty easy putting our mums 80th birthday party theme together because, I used simple elements with little embellishments. Hot glue, silk flowers and a teapot started off the them. It worked a treat for two, no, three reasons. One, because it was a quirky minimalistic table setting Two, because most of the guests were elderly and didn't plan on staying very long. Three it was a Christmas eve party! and the venue was in a restaurant at the local club After traveling 6 hours to the venue to prepare for the party, with a cake on the back seat driving on winding country roads, the last thing we needed to do was have lots of things to ...

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Pretty little princess lace crown image

Make a Princess crown using stiffened lace. Make this pretty little princess crown from lace for one or all the girls at your child's next party! they are so easy to make, I picked up 1 meter of plain white lace and turned it into four very different looks. Your little princess and her friends will love wearing them for dress up days, birthdays, or just wearing them shopping or to the movies. Little miss 8 absolutely loved her crown so much she wanted to dance to show you all how delighted she was with hers, watch this how to make a lace crown video to see how easy they are to ...

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