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Sugar skull polymer necklace video

How to make a Sugar skull polymer necklace, great for beginners because no mold needed. Make them as quirky as you want, everyone will want one. I used FIMO because it’s easy to get in Australia from Spotlight or Riot Art stores. It’s also easy to get the little flowers and beads I used for the decoration on the head. Polymer clay stays soft so you can mold it to any shape, and once baked it goes hard and stays that way forever. When you get to the baking stage, follow the instructions on the packet because every manufacturer has various baking times for their product. Firstly, knead and shape the polymer clay, shape the head into a ball then flatten and shape ...

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Pretty little princess lace crown image

Make a Princess crown using stiffened lace. Make this pretty little princess crown from lace for one or all the girls at your child's next party! they are so easy to make, I picked up 1 meter of plain white lace and turned it into four very different looks. Your little princess and her friends will love wearing them for dress up days, birthdays, or just wearing them shopping or to the movies. Little miss 8 absolutely loved her crown so much she wanted to dance to show you all how delighted she was with hers, watch this how to make a lace crown video to see how easy they are to ...

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