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Teeny tiny mini tags video

teeny tiny mini tags are my newest addiction, and I love them. They fit anywhere and fill all the little places that we need to fill as junk journalists. The tiny tag embellishments can be used on your stacks because you can make them out of your scraps so they match or not. Did I say their cheap, they are and they're easy to get ahold of or make. Cut them out by hand or use a die cut. Mini tag embellishments tags come in all shapes and sizes check out this one I made... I made this particular tag to go in a journal that i made for a challenge. The challenge was set by "Nik the Booksmith" and it was called "the ...

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Christmas Tag Rudolph has a red nose video

Christmas tag free printable for you to download and use as a gift tag or for your junk journals, my Christmas tag Rudloph has a red nose is very easy to make because all you have to do is print it, cut it out and tie a ribbon on the top and its ready to give. If you have distress inks it looks fantastic with a two tone colour around the edge  Use Glossy Accents on his nose and it glows History: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (Santa's ninth Reindeer)is a fabled reindeer created by Robert Lewis May. Rudolph first appeared in a 1939 booklet written by Robert May and published by Montgomery Ward, the department storeRudolph has become a figure of Christmas folklore  About the ...

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Thread spools cardboard spools that look wooden video

How to make Vintage cardboard thread spools that look wooden, 4 different ways. Cover them withpaper, paint or decorate them for craft projects. These handy thread spools can be used to tidy ribbon or thread or to organize and store offcuts. You can aslo make some for an altered project or theme, in the exact size needed. I saw some small wooden cotton reels on etsy for $30.00 for 20! At least with these you can make them any size you want and as many as you want, using your offcuts for free!   Thread spools are perfect for embellishments Make miniature cotton reels, heck, even make a half a one so that it can be glued onto a card. Check it ...

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Air dry or Oven dry tea dyed paper video

What's best, air dry or oven dry tea dyed paper? have you ever wondered how it's done and which method you should use? Is hot or cold water best? I have made this video with all those answers and more. I've even found an alternate way to flatten the paper if it's too wavey for you. If you have ever wondered how to tea dye paper, this video is for you! Or... Want to know the difference between air or oven dried tea dyed paper, this video is for you! Tea dyed paper is used to make pages in junk journals and travellers notebooks just to name two. It's used because it gives a lovely golden brown aged or vintage look to you're ...

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Money envelope gift portfolio set TN style image


Do you give money for Christmas? here's a great way to hand it over. Make a Money envelope gift portfolio set TN style, it's a bit like a travellers notebook.I'm also sharing this pattern with you because you are a loyal visitor to my site and I just love to share, find the pdf below. Do you give money as a gift? With Christmas so close, this is a perfect gift, the envelope has been designed to fit paper money in perfectly. No more boring cards and the money falls out when you open it, surprise everyone with this little beauty. People love good looking gift wrap, print out my free Money envelope gift portfolio set TN style template and make ...

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Foiling laser printer and ScanNcut technique video

Cut out text or patterns using this foiling laser printer and ScanNcut technique. You can even use your punches or a big shot if you don't have a Brother ScanNcut Machine. This way of foiling gives you the designer the freedom to foil your own designs Foiling with a Minc a Laser printer and a ScanNcut step one...print a large black square on a piece of smooth white cardstock step two...put that through your minc with a piece of reactive foil over the top step three...cut it out using your ScanNcut machine Foiling with a Laminator a Laser printer and punches step one...print a large black square on a piece of smooth white cardstock step two...put that through your laminator with a piece of reactive foil over ...

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How to make chipboard video

This video shows you two ways to cut out and how to make chipboard embellishments. Chipboard embellishments can cost a lot, I found a small packet of tiny tags today that had a price tag on them $4.95! seriously, that's not good. Did you know you can make these little chipboard embellishments yourself?  Two free versions is to use cereal boxes and scrap card stock. These adorable little chipboard embellishments can be used on your mixed media projects or greeting cards, just to name two. How to cut chipboard embellishments Dies are ideal for cutting out tags and shapes for your DIY chipboard, cuts one at a time a bit slower but does a great job for layering ScanNcut machine is perfect, and ...

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texture paste techniques and recipe video

Texture paste techniques and recipe for use as a primer on your art canvas, you can even use it as glue on the very popular mixed media projects. Use it as texture through stencils, my demo mixing the recipe is so easy, it only takes minutes! RECIPE: 1/4 cup baby powder (talcum powder) 1 tablespoon white glue 1 tablespoon white acrylic paint water as needed Texture paste is perfect for using as a primer on chipboard embellishments before you colour them. METHOD: put powder, glue and paint, together in a small wide mouth glass jar and stir until combined. Add water if and as required to get the consistency you want. Texture paste consistency Thin consistency: if you add too much water e.g. thin it too much ...

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Paper flower embellishment from book pages video

How to make a Paper flower embellishment from book pages. Save money, when you make paper flower embellishments yourself. They’re perfect for when you colour your backgrounds with distress inks, and then colour these little paper flowers with the same or matching colours to get a unique card or mixed media piece. You can use delicate pages from phone books and dictionaries or old messy pages are perfect as well. You can use flower petal punches to cut your petals out, or use my petal drawing free pdf which you can download and print out here. pdf petal pattern: flower 6 petals pattern art craft crazy (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); When you make these Paper flower embellishment from book pages ...

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