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Soap saver sponge dish video

Use up all your soap bits with a soap saver sponge dish made from a car wash sponge. Cut, reshape to hold your little soap pieces or a bar of soap. It's like a traditional soap dish only it's a soap dish sponge. For an instant soapy sponge, cut a hole in the side (a little hidey hole) for the tiniest pieces of soap to be concealed inside the sponge, the kids will think it's magic. It exfoliates too, a little mini body scrub, you’ve gotta check it out, surprisingly a small piece of soap can go a long way. This works well for those little “hotel soaps” as well as the leftover slithers. This tip is a follow up ...

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Canvas cut out art image

The process of canvas cut out art is perfect if you’re not a painter, or if you want some different wall art. I show you how to cut the canvas to get the corners with no over cuts, giving you a nice piece of artwork. Stretched canvas frames are a quick and easy way to decorate your room, you can take a part, or all the design from a cushion or bed cover, and copy it to your canvas, or use my free download cat printable design. The white canvas frame looks awesome on a brightly painted wall, because when you cut out your pattern or design you can see whatever is behind it through the cut outs. Place it over ...

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Sugar skull polymer necklace video

How to make a Sugar skull polymer necklace, great for beginners because no mold needed. Make them as quirky as you want, everyone will want one. I used FIMO because it’s easy to get in Australia from Spotlight or Riot Art stores. It’s also easy to get the little flowers and beads I used for the decoration on the head. Polymer clay stays soft so you can mold it to any shape, and once baked it goes hard and stays that way forever. When you get to the baking stage, follow the instructions on the packet because every manufacturer has various baking times for their product. Firstly, knead and shape the polymer clay, shape the head into a ball then flatten and shape ...

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