Put them on the table or hang them from the tree. Give these Christmas paper pocket pouches to an unexpected visitor or use them for a planned gift this Christmas.
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 christmas_gift_pockets_1 christmas_gift_pockets_3 christmas_gift_pockets_4 christmas_gift_pockets_2

From Christmas day to Birthday Party

And, you can use this idea for Birthday Parties as well. Use a pretty party paper and fill them with little party favours and your good to go!


Pet gift idea

Go find some paper with paw prints all over it and make one or two up for your precious puppy and fill it with doggy chews or something, we gotta include our pets at Christmas time!pet_gift_idea_1  pet_gift_idea_2    

So are you going to make some of these handy paper pocket pouches this Christmas?
Here’s the free template and printable of the Happy Christmas discs for you to get it made.
There’s a video tutorial to help you make these Christmas paper pocket pouches, and there’s more great creative idea’s over on my channel.

pdf download: christmas paper pocket pouches printable art craft crazy

dont forget to leave some cookies out for Santa!