Craft caddy organizer, keep one handy and find anything your looking for! The top tray is removable and the 3 draws so handy, are also removable.

I made this because my craft table was such a mess when I was creating. My accountant gave me 6 file folders that come in individual boxes.

DIY craft caddy draws and tray

I immediately visualised how I could make a craft caddy using the boxes as draws and shelves. It’s a cheap craft organizer and you can move it to wherever your crafting or working on your table.

  • Check out what I used for draw handles!
  • Look at the difference of the before and after of my workspace.
  • If you couldn’t be bothered making one for yourself, here’s a similar one I found at Amazon.

Don’t throw out those empty boxes, use them to make trays and draws for your craft caddy organizer.

The great thing about this craft caddy is that you get to recycle and use up yoyr paper scraps and it’s coloful and fun to make.

If you don’t feel upto making your own craft caddy organizer check out this one here from Amazon.
The MDF Craft Caddy is a fabulous line of products that is made of quality press boards.