Cheap craft supplies are every where, and I mean top brand names not budget stuff. I show you how and where to get it all from to save you hundreds of dollars.

buy off facebook…

facebook_bargains_pics_5_scissorstips one of my favourites! people are crazy, they buy lots of art and craft supplies and never use them? I love these type of people lol.

Join a local Facebook craft group, as well as some local for sale pages, and then keep your eye out for people that have unwanted assorted craft supplies. Like craft tools, stickers, paper and paints, these items come up all the time locally for pennies or a few dollars, some are even give a ways, free!
This method works just as well for wanted items too. Just put a post up WANTED post “blah blah blah” and a picture of what it is you want, just grab a picture off google because it always attracts more attention than just text alone.


buy on sale…

Shopping tips… each time you go out shopping, look for sale items, put them in your craft supply box, like these items I got yesterday at 30% off sale in Spotlight! Or these tubes of paint that were a bargain for $5, that’s five Australian dollars. Even better get yourself a Spotlight card to get a store discount when you next go shopping.

Coupons and membership cards…

Spotlight membership card…get yourself a Spotlight card to get a store discount when you next go shopping at 30%.

Riot art and craftalso have a membership card to get a store discount when you next go shopping, often at 50%.

Coupon tipscoupons offer fantastic deals collect from newspapers and magazines.
tips from the krazy coupon lady
ips from the frugal crafter 


Facebook – Pinterest – Twitter…they all run competitions, enter them all, you gotta be in it to win it. Check the date and terms and conditions before you enter, nothing worse than entering and it’s all over or in another country and you have no chance of winning.

here’s a website that shows you where to go to find competitions that are being held in Australia competitions

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