art_craft_crazy_shorts_teenagers_DIY_up_styledart_craft_crazy_orange_beaded_memory_braceletcraft-ideas-for-teenagers-paint-pen-tshirtYour look has to scream out yours! these cool craft ideas for teenagers include clothing styling tips and handmade jewelry that you can make yourself following our how to video’s.  I use recycled and new clothing. I got these denim shorts off a Facebook for sale page, your gonna love how easy these were to do. The t-shirt was a $4 bargain, and I hand painted it, using a paint pen.

I’ll show you how to make this gorgeous orange beaded memory bracelet, no one will guess it’s your own handmade jewelry because it looks stunning! And keeping in true designer form, I do encourage you to add your own twist, so when you next go out, you will look sooo different to everybody else!

  1. up-do a pair of denim shorts
  2. make a memory bracelet
  3. hand paint your own t-shirt with a paint pen

Crafty styling ideas for teens

Girls love clothes, jewelry and boys! Sorry girls we can’t make a boy here, you will have to wait until the right one comes along 😉 But, we can show you how to make some cool changes to your boring old t-shirts and make some jewelry to go with.

These looks are awesome! I think you’ll like my handmade jewelry and styling ideas, when I was younger I put on my own fashion show, so I have experience in fashion and design . The great thing is when you do your own look you have control over the colors and you can make them exactly the way you want, plus, designing can be so much cheaper to create yourself.

It’s really nice to have you own designs and make your own accessories. Since most teens are into bracelets. Art craft crazy will be regularly adding new tutorials sharing different designs that are really nice, and pretty easy to make. Paint your fingernails a matching color like our model has, wear a hand painted or a re-purposed t-shirt and a pair of styled by you, denim shorts and your good to go.

Craft ideas for teenagers

We have made this page craft ideas for teenagers because teenagers don’t always like what us Mums (Moms) pick out for them. I love the styling for teenagers today, it’s so much more fun, than it was when I was younger. Teens have much more input into their style, than we ever did. The big department stores have plenty of plain white tee’s for under $5 and are perfect for crafting, keep it simple to get started and then get adventurous for a bold statement look.

How to video’s


Printable t-shirt design

Printable pdf: art craft crazy printable IM NOT A MORNING PERZON


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