Children are attracted to shapes, colors and noise, everything is playtime to them, so art craft crazy have lots of crafts for toddlers that will be not only be pleasing to the eye but educational and stimulating (sorry bout the noise). Some are easy to do crafts, and some are more advanced for the older children, and if you are like me and enjoy doing them just as much as the kids you will spend ages looking through these pages.

We know parents are the most important teachers, so were here to help you make arts and crafts for kids fun and easy! This site is perfect for time poor parents because we have spent hours, wait a minute, months putting this information together, so all the hard work has been done for you. Find the printables and the video’s below.

One thing us grandparents, Moms and Dads have in common is we strive to keep our toddlers busy and stimulated on a daily basis, and we want to do it with these things in mind.

  1. They have to be affordable
  2. Are the craft supplies easy to come by?
  3. Can these kids crafts be made at home with every day ingredients?
  4. Are they really safe and toddler friendly?
  5. Are they instant or will they take days to get or make?

There are thousands of crafts for kids it’s amazing how much variety and how many craft ideas there are when you start to look around.

Musical instrument craft projects

We always like to showcase educational games in our pages, we have included music and a DIY magnetic alphabet set so you don’t have to buy them. These homemade musical instruments can be made at home and played with by the older children as well, get the whole family together for band nights, imagination has no limits!

DIY drum for kids

DIY drum for kids

Mr 5 having is having the best time and gives a demo on the video with his three in one, homemade bongo drum, rice shaker and guiro all made from empty cans. I must admit I loved it making these today, and if you need to make some crafts for toddlers, pop on over and watch this video tutorial on how to make your own for your little one’s here.


DIY Musical percussion tubes, also known as boomwhackers

Musical instruments in my opinion promote learning and joy. You will need two cardboard tubes, and some simple paper crafts to make a pair of musical percussion tubes also know as bookwackers. These will give your toddler so much fun whacking diferent things to make diferent sounds. Click here for the printable and watch the the video on how I made these from mailing tubes.


DIY magnetic alphabet set

Recycle some plastic bottle top lids by making them into alphabet magnets.These can be used on either a magnetic blackboard, or on the fridge door, another fun and simple craft for toddlers to add to your list of educational free things to make.

Here’s the video on how to make this set using the lowercase version of the alphabet. You can use any style lid, like the white ones I have used here, have fun!

Tip: print our free printable, or print some circles and freehand the alphabet in lower case, because this is how children learn to read, they do not read sentences in CAPITAL letters.

PDF: Art Craft Crazy Printable Magnetic Alphabet Letters 12mm

alphabet magnets

Have you picked up on the common theme yet?

Yes, it’s recycling, all three craft ideas I have used items that you would normally throw away.
It’s a great way to make educational toys for your toddlers that cost nothing or very little, make them for your kids before the next holidays.

craft-ideas-trace-the-numbersMore crafts for toddlers

See more educational games like trace the numbers counting game, thats on page Toddler crafts there’s a video and a free printable for this one too.

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