Save money with these crafty food ideas, because your guests get to eat your party decorations. More than ever you will see party themes using innovative shapes and colours, taking your table of delights to another level. Using edible crafts for decoration is smart, and it’s so hot right now.

I already know how passionate you are about putting on a great party for your kids. I have some great idea’s to share with you for kid’s and mature aged party themes, like the one I have done here for my Mum and she is 80, I think that’s where you can have the most fun with being creative.

Crafty food ideas on this page…




When you’re catering and looking for kids birthday party ideas, making food filled boxes to give the party guests to take home will add that extra personal touch, which everybody loves. I know you will love giving these homemade party favors out. I also want to show you how to make treat bag toppers so you can fill the bags with any colorful yummy treats that match your theme.

I’m a creative and a food coach so I am always thinking about food and collecting recipes most of the time. Even though I’m into clean eating I also have a sweet tooth! I know there is a place for these adorable little teddy bear cookies and other crafty party favors.

Hugging mini bear cookies

crafty-food-ideas-mini-cuddly-bear-cookiesDon’t mind if I do, these gorgeous mini teddy bear cookies will be loved by all who brush by the table.
I would like to share with you a different decorated cookie and recipe than the nut version of Maa Tamagosan’s cookies, mine are nut free and there is this sugar cookie recipe for you as well. It’s not one of those recipes that just here for display it actually is delicious! The little arms are wrapped around a royal icing heart instead of a nut, and they have the cutest face piped on with royal icing as well.

VIDEO: How to decorate these hugging mini bear cookies

I have shown you on my video how to decorate these cookies using a homemade paper cone without having to buy piping tools if you don’t have them at home already, and I didn’t have experience before I made these either, so they are a great beginners cookie design.

WARNING! did you know nuts are not allowed at your School anymore? so before you serve nuts at a party check with all of your guests about whether or not their children or anyone has a nut allergy! That’s what inspired me to make the nut-free hugging bear cookies.

Make a pretty edible necklace or bracelet

 VIDEO: how to make a gumball necklace party favor

crafty food ideas bubble gum necklace princess crafty-food-ideas-bubble-gum-necklace-ribbonThis bubble gum crafty food idea is so pretty and you could make these easily and for pennies as party favors for kids instead of the usual bags of sweets. You will need gumballs and ribbon to make these. Put them in a cellophane bag with a ribbon around the top or pop them in a little box to match with a thank you tag.
What you need to make the necklace…             

  • Gumballs or bubble gum balls
  • Metal skewer, 2 Large needle’s
  • Ribbon

crafty food ideas bubble gum necklaces


Paper plate box for cupcakes or cookies  

Here’s another crafty food idea, this time it’s for holding the food. Get some trendy paper plates for your table setting, get an extra packet and make matching serving containers that can also be used as take away favor boxes for your guests, one of our top party ideas that we had a lot of fun with today while shooting the video.

Now that’s what I call a crafty food idea making a box out of a paper plates, it’s so clever and we have the PRINTABLE PATTERN in two sizes for you here, plus the video that shows you how to make it up.

PDF: printable pattern box 9cm small plate size
DF: printable pattern box 12cm large plate size

Great for serving cupcakes or cookies, plus they are cheaper than buying ready made boxes, and they’re not hard at all to make. If you love to bake, this is a different way to serve your famous muffins with a cup of tea, and are a perfect surprise gift for your guests.

I popped some of the little teddy cookies in the demo box I made in the VIDEO: paper plate favor box for you here.


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