I have 3 DIY vase make over ideas that gives 12 different looks, you gotta see it to believe it, add some informal flower arrangements and it looks awesome. Are you in the mood for some home decor changes? get some yourself and have a go to see how many variations you can get.

mothers_day_vase_2_makeoverWalk into a florist and mumble the words mothers day flowers, or wedding and you will pay a lot more than you can make them for at home.  Amazing flower arrangements can be put together using baskets or a nice old jar from your pantry, you can even grab some from the two dollar shop.

It’s nothing new putting flowers in jars, so what you have to do is put your own spin on it, that’s why it’s a DIY vase make over, yes! it’s all about making it how you want it.


These 3 pots are from the charity shop, they were perfect for what I wanted.



Paint spots, stripes, flowers, stars or beetles what ever you want even music notes look good. I have used gold and white paint with a black trim, and then when i add the flowers that’s when i get the rest of the colour.

Video: 3 DIY vase make over for 12 different looks…You can do the same, try it with your own favorite colours, I have a friend who loves hot pink, green and orange it would look amazing in a modern space.

Get the scissors out and cut some fresh flowers from the garden as well gather some sticks, bits of bushes, vines and ferns. BUT please do not cut the prize orchards or you will be in trouble! Anything you can find that will hold water will work, plus you will be able to use it over and over again.

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