Easter crafts for toddlers
try picking just one!

Toddlers easter bunnies and chickens are cute right? surprise! we have free printables and video’s for you.

Feeling a little art craft crazy?

I’m not the only art craft crazy person that breaks out the activities for kids, and makes a mess during the holidays!

We know that not all Moms and Dads are crafty and that when your looking for easter crafts for preschoolers, you want them to be easy. So that’s what we’ve done, some easy to do bunny goodies that you can do with your toddler in arms.

If you’d rather not make your own easter crafts for toddlers, send me a message because you can buy them ready to go. Contact me at Art Craft Crazy and let me know what it is your interested in because I haven’t opened our shop fully yet.

Easter crafts for kids…

bunny-printable_pic_watermarkedChildren love making things with Mom and Dad, and in particular they love making anything to do with easter bunnies. While you are making these cute little shoe covers like the ones I made for my niece below here, you can print out this easter bunny coloring page  to keep your little ones busy coloring while your crafting. (Copyright © 2015 design Art Craft Crazy)


Easter bunny shoe cover’s

Print out this cute little bunny face pattern, and then you can watch the video with the step by step instructions on how to make your own. The design is the same as is in the picture. If you want to change the colours just trace the outline and colour your own, to make these cute pair of easter bunny shoe covers with a glitter bell or a little craft pom pom for noses.


Easter crafts for toddlers, not just for easter!

  1. Bunny napkin holder | video
  2. Bunny tail treat topper bags | video
  3. Plastic easter eggs, DIY bunnies video
  4. Easter gift card | video
  5. Easter bunny cupcakes | video

We want you to come back and visit us here at art craft crazy, because you will find new and exciting projects for the whole family, not just easter crafts for toddlers, but a variety of information on what you need to make them, plus where the best places are to go and get your craft bits and pieces from.

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Moms if you love to take pictures and post them on your blog, and share them on Facebook to show what you have made for your family and friends, come on over and share your bunny crafts here on our Art Craft Crazy Facebook page, we would love to see what you have made, so please share like CRAZY! your easter bunny pictures with us, plus you can get more ideas for yourself while you there.

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