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Easy craft ideas and how to video’s…


Very busy, did you say? I can help, because I’m a creative and art craft crazy. This page has 5 super easy craft ideas some are so easy you’ll hardly need the step-by-step instructions, but we have included them for you anyway, they are easy to follow with video tutorials and printables on this page.

There’s nothing better than something thats so easy to make, that it makes us go, uh! That’s easy enough, I can do that, love it lol. I am so lucky, I get to work with craft ideas all day long, even on my days off I am doing craft.

Relax in a nice hot bath when you make your own beautiful lavender bath salts, this one has to be my favourite’s of all our craft ideas, I’ve designed a label to pop on top of a recycled jar. This is so you can make extra up to give to someone as a present, I have and it’s well received and everyone just loves it, the smell is devine.

Elephant card and gift card free printable

Talk about easy craft ideas, make up this cute elephant card in a plain or printed design, you can use scrapbook paper, or colored card stock. This card is really easy to make you just have to print it and cut it out pretty much, and it’s something the kids can do as well. The printable is below for you in two sizes. It’s really easy for kids to do to as well, and it doubles as a stand-up toy or a gift card.

Click on the link below and watch the video tutorial and get right into making some for yourself. The printed patterns really make it look different so it will match your party theme or gift.  The printout comes with easy instructions all ready to go, if you don’t have any scrapbook paper just print it and colour it in by hand.

Lavender bath salts recipe

Check out this easy to make bath salts using a lovely lavender oil and a few backyard plants, put them on display in vintage mason jars which are all the rage right now to make them all the more special. It’s amazing what you can make from what you have at home and from the garden, all you need here is three ingredients plus a jar or glass container. I just love this one because relaxing in a bath with the smell of lavender, is so soothing.

I have also shown you how to dry the fresh flowers to save even more money on this great home made bath salts. Please print out the recipe here.

PDF: Art Craft Crazy Lavender Bath Salts Recipe
VIDEO: How to make lavender bath salts tutorial

  1. Epson salts
  2. Lavender oil
  3. Dried lavender flowers

Printable Labels for bath salts…

I made up a cute label design for the jar lids in a purple color way, and you can make them yourself by using this printable DIY label sheet. It’s finishes off these recycled jars perfectly, watch the video on how to make the labels, its easy peasy, 1st print, cut and glue!
If you want to personalize the labels and jars some more, and know how this label can be re-sized, I mention how to do this in the video. Check out more of our easy craft ideas throughout the other pages here on art craft crazy.

PDF: Art Craft Crazy Lavender Jar Labels 70mm

DIY Photo covered journal

Is your journal still plain black? This is so simple yet super effective, you could make this and use it yourself, or that perfect personalized gift idea! I just love sitting down with a cup of coffee while jotting down my ideas on the fly. I always get inspiration when I’m out shopping and socializing.

Easy craft ideas like this one will be popping up all the time here at art craft crazy, so be sure to come back and check out the new idea’s as we go. Pick your favourite photo like the one my husband took while he was at the zoo in Australia, or grab some magazine pages to use. Click here to see how we made ours, you can even send me an email if you would like a copy of my art craft crazy cover design, or the tiger photograph to use.


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