How to make a pretty lace princess crown for your girls dress up day or party, I loved the hot pink color and I made a video for you to follow, there’s no sewing and it’s all put together with glue, and you make them to the size that fits your child’s head. The Youtube video is below…

this lace princess crown was cheap and easy to find the ingredients for and just as easy to make this up, and this hot pink one turned out awesome. I made 4 different colors using the same piece of lace and even Mr 5 wanted to wear the gold one like a King!

It can be a birthday crown, or worn just for dress ups! You will have to get this one ready in advance because the lace needs time to stiffen, and it is so worth it! You will need lace, plus three ingredients to get ready to make your little princess crowns.

Things you need to make the lace princess crown

  1. Some pretty lace by the meter or yard
  2. starch or a fabric stiffener
  3. glue
  4. paint
  5. Optional bling

If you have trouble getting some starch, try the fabric stiffener I got from the Lincraft store in Australia. I used the fabric stiffener on my lace and in the video tutorial and it works a treat.

The crown sits perfectly on top of the royal head, you can use bobby pins to hold it in place, that’s all I did with our beautiful model because she was dancing around so much it flew off at one time lol.
it’s really easy to add glitter and little jewels to the finished stiffened lace if you want to as well, just use hot glue and anything shiny.
Now all you have to do is watch the video that shows you the step by step way that I made this hot pink child’s crown here, as well as a glitter version.

How to make the gumball necklace party favor…

If you like the gorgeous bubblegum necklace our princess is wearing you can make it yourself. It goes perfectly with her tutu and lace princess crown, I actually used the same lace I trimmed the bottom of the tutu with for the necklace you can see the how to video for the gumball necklace here.

Watch the how to Video (click on the video box below) make this gorgeous princess crown for your little princess today…

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