Do you like to keep it simple and make your own toddler crafts at home? We have a counting game and playdough using household ingredients. You do not need to have all the fancy tools and gadgets to create little Picasso’s.
Give a box of crafts as a gift to a newborn baby instead of clothes, because most Moms will need craft supplies eventually, and it’s great to have all these things ready to go.
Most toddler crafts will last for years, so grab them while they are on sale well before you need them, this way they won’t cost too much, because we all love to save money and not to mention the convenience.

Playing is serious business for kids

toddler-crafts-playdoughIt’s normal for toddlers to have a very short attention span. Moms and Dads offering a 2 year old an activity are sometimes challenged to keep them captivated. When we are doing activities with kids they are best done in a quiet environment, avoid multitasking and rushing your little one through the activities. Keep the task simple but interesting, rotating indoor to outdoor activities is a good idea as well.

The recipe and a video for a fantastic no cook playdough is below.

Activities for toddlers counting game

craft-ideas-trace-the-numbers-gameMake a counting game, including math activities, for toddlers and babies. A little treat may help motivate them. Start off by grabbing a muffin tin, and then write numbers on a piece of paper. Have some yummy rewards selected and your toddler is set to play and learn. We have a printable numbers sheet for you here, so your child can write their own numbers.

How to make playdough (play-doh)

Play-doh the ultimate crafts for kids, your children will love rolling, squeezing and pulling at this play dough, you’ll be amazed at how clever they are and what they can make out of it. A bonus is that they are learning through play, as well as it also has a calming affect while they are being occupied.

Make this play dough recipe yourself and tell us what you think of it, It’s soft and silky to the touch. Use cookie cutters, lids , any kitchen items that you have at home that would work to shape the dough.

Don’t forget to share your play dough pictures with us here or on our Facebook page.

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