My chocy labs play Tug-O-War with a dog toy made from t-shirts. Use an old t-shirt or pajama pants to make a toy for your dogs. Watch my three dogs playing with there’s, they LOVE it, then they SLEEP…

This is the CHEAPEST dog toy ever, because it’s technically free.

If you have an old t-shirt or a pair of pyjama bottoms you can make this toy for your dog. It’s so easy. I went to the shops today price checking, prices for a toy were $9.00 to $15.00 each! I’ve bought these before and they only last a day or two (if that). The dogs wreck them straight away, the stuffing comes out and ends up all over the yard.

Dog toy made from t-shirts

Dogs love tug-O-war, it’s so funny watching them playing and running around like loonies. A dog toy made from t-shirts last for a couple months or more. The blue t-shirt toy in the video has been pulled and tugged at severely! You will see how much the dogs love to play with it and how well it handles the 3 of them. Well maybe 2 because the little one tags along lol.  

Helps stop destruction behaviour

My DIY dog toy made from t-shirts aka, rag knot toys for dogs and puppies, helps stop destruction behaviour, in addition make it possible for them to express their personality.

Dogs are born to chew, but our puppies have never been in trouble for taking things off the line because they have plenty of things to do. If they know the difference between what they can have and cannot have, they won’t tug at  your clothes on the line.

People who care about their pets love to see their dogs having fun, and your dog’s now it!

Chocolate Labrodors Lollie, Pops and Axle

Our dogs are chocolate labradors, also known as the “chocolate labrador retriever” and our little dog is a mini fox terrier named Axle, he’s adorable and thinks he’s a big chocy lab dog too. When you see my dogs playing with their dog toy made from t-shirts you will want to go make one for your dogs, your dogs will hound you until you do! excuse the pun LOL