Colourful, edible finger paint recipe. I know that sounds strange, it’s not meant to be eaten it’s just non-toxic. With a video to show you how to make and colour your own no cook basic version. I made this up for the kids using off the shelf food colouring from woolies in Australia. The brighter the better!

pdf: printable edible finger paint recipe
video: how to make finger paint


The reason I have called it edible is because if your child accidentally puts their fingers in their mouth while painting, it isn’t going to hurt them, because it’s non-toxic. I know that when my grandchildren paint they get it all over themselves, it’s finger paint after all, so it does end up in or near their mouths, ears, hair! at some stage.

I wished the internet was around when my kids were little because this recipe would have been made a lot at my place. I have grandchildren now, and i can’t wait to make another batch for my youngest who is now 6 months old, he gets so excited about little things and I can tell he is going to love getting my non-toxic homemade finger paint all over himself.

Lookout for proud grandmother photo shoots coming up lol.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]