This is what will happen when you click on the link to have a look in my Conference Room

you can have a peak, even if i’m not in there…

    1. When you click on the link to the left, it will take you into to my conference room
    2. You will be asked to allow or deny your web camera access, click allow (if you want)
    3. Then just type in your name in the user name box
    4. click OK, you do not need a password
    5. If I am online, I will be alerted that you have arrived
    6. There’s a chat box, right down the bottom center of the screen, type in your message and hit send
    7. this will start us off with a text chat or I can talk to you on video
    8. Note: that you do not have to come on video unless you choose too

If you really need to talk to me, feel free to contact me here

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