Make these cute little Gold foil tea light candle covers for Christmas. It’s hot foil printing using a toner printer and a laminator. Free printable of the paper wraps with three designs, stars and Christmas trees. I have done mine, with gold foil on brown paper, they look so cute.

Tea Light Candles look amazing on the table
in a group or up on the mantle piece out of children’s reach.

You will need some gold reactive foil, there are a few brands, like Minc and iCraft deco foil. It’s easy to get either in store like Spotlight in Australia, I like to get it on sale because they are a bit expensive in there. Or Craft Online they have reasonable prices and fast delivery.

Video Tutorial

To make these tea light candle wraps, it’s best to use the Jumbo Tea Light Candles because they last for 8 hours and have more room to show off the gold foil design. Here’s the video tutorial gold foil tea light candle covers for Christmas. It’s easy to follow and you’ll see what they actually look like finished, with the little flame flickering against the gold foil.

Print the gold foil tealight candle covers using this easy method.
Print this free Christmas wrap pdf using a laser printer, IT MUST BE A LASER PRINTER or it won’t work!

1. Once you have printed it out, place the gold foil over the top gold facing up towards you, and put it inside a piece of paper to protect it.

2. Put it through a pre-heated laminator. It must be on the HOT setting to work. Laminators a pretty cheap these days and if you don’t plan on doing a lot of this or any laminating later, just          borrow one.

3. Once it comes out the other side its done, peel the sheet off and the gold will have stuck to the toner like magic

4. If you have a guillotine, cut out the rows which I have marked for you on the sheet

5. Then pop a bit of double sided tape on one end of the strip, and pull them tightly around your jumbo tea light candle and stick one end over top of the other.

There you have it, some gorgeous Table Decorations… gold foil tea light candle covers for Christmas, so easy to make and so Christmas.

Tips and Notes…

  • The free Christmas printable prints out on an A4 sheet
  • The gold foil fits the iCraft deco foil 15.2 cm width (6 in)
  • Use LED tea light candles if you have children around