Gravity Glue exists to share my experience in the art of stone balance says Michael Grab… All Gravity Glue images and videos exhibit real rocks that I’ve balanced and photographed myself… The process boils down to contemplative stone arrangement; involving patience, adaptation, slow-breathing, steady hands, and a plethora of other practiced skills…

I began balancing rocks through somewhat of a whim in the Summer of 2008 while exploring Boulder Creek in Boulder, CO, USA. Since then, simple curiosity has evolved into a prolific creative passion, and daily meditative practice. I quickly noticed the unique effect that my creations had on myself and others, often inspiring a sense of magic and peace; a sense that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. —Michael Grab rock balancer

When I first saw this guy sitting in the river balancing rocks I couldn’t believe there was such a thing as rock balancing. I couldn’t close down his website gravity glue, or  get off his facebook page because his photographs and videos were hypnotizing me lol.

I wanted to know more and I wanted to read what others were saying about what he was doing as well. I picked up three little rocks and had a go, nope it’s not going to happen not for me, lol.
Enjoy this artist as he patiently balances rocks and photographs his work when he is done, he is amazing at what he does and leaves you feeling, well, how ever you want to feel about his work.

Credit goes to Artist— Michael Grab rock balancer Gravity Glue