The fairy man, wire sculpture artist Robin Wight, from Fantasy Wire delivers random plus a weekly photo of the most amazing Friday night fairy sculptures that you will ever see! His fans over at Facebook  Wire Sculpture by Fantasywire are lining up and hitting that like button by the thousands.

I love how these twisted wire fairies look, even when they are unfinished they ooz with awesomeness. I am blown away how good they look, they seem to have this effortless fit anywhere they are placed whether it be on a fence, swinging round and round in the wind. Even snow, rain and sunshine plays an artistic roll and adds another layer of brilliance to these galvanised and stainless sculptures.

Robin has a remarkable talent, and these bursting with personality fairies are definitely going to be finding, I mean flying all the way across the ocean to Australia real soon, blowing round and round on an old piece of timber ear marked for her in my very own back yard in the near future.

this is a snippet from his Bio on Facebook
Real Name: Robin Wight
I only started wire sculptures about a year ago. I’ve been refining the quality and technique… Its currently a hobby which I’d like to make a career, but let’s see how much interest there is first…
His line up is that long he has had to close off his waiting list because he cannot keep up with demand, nor can he reply to all the emails that he receives inquiring about his fairies.

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