The girls have ditched their lippy for a more natural look…

I first noticed these adorable little dolls on Facebook on my news feed, and from then on I have been following Tasmanian Artist Sonja Singh almost daily, you could say I’m a groupy lol. Sonja’s story is so much like mine, it swings way back to childhood, we both just love dolls (giggle)

One thing I didn’t  know, was that the bratz doll that Sonja uses has no feet when you take their shoes off.  She then hand makes their shoes or boots to go with their little outfit. What everybody loves is that she then removes their make-up and repaints their faces with a natural younger look, she calls it, a “make under” of the once upon a time fashion dolls.

I reckon the good thing about growing up and having dolls is that you can have an online shop, a Facebook page and a website, oh and… a Youtube channel. But wait there’s more! Twitter, Instagram lol I think she might be a wee bit busy!

Sonya has recently been voted in by her fans and won the “Community Choice” at the 2105 Etsy design awards not bad for someone who started out in January of 2015!

I also have to mention that Sonja runs charity auctions on eBay one (1) doll every month, with most of the proceeds going to charity. Here’s a snippet from Sonja’s website about one charity that received  a donation…
In March 2015 I donated money raised from the sale ($925 AUD) to the International Women’s Development Agency. My partner John and I chose this charity to mark International Women’s Day and because of their good works supporting women throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Sonja and her mum have the whole package going on here, the dolls are beautiful, the name Tree Change Dolls™ the sweetest little hand knitted outfits made by her mum, the chickens, the wombats, postcards it’s the most awesome brand that the whole family can be proud of.
If you are interested in owning a doll you will need to be quick off the mark, I believe they sell very quickly over here at her etsy shop “Tree Change Dolls”.


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