Heard of Facebook Camera Effects yet? I show you how to use Facebook camera effects platform to create frames, it’s all new! But have you figured out how to find frame studio and how to use it? Facebook love giving us new tools to enjoy, they say

“it connects art and technology to build new experiences”

Camera effects puts an overlay on your profile picture or your photo’s and video’s on your smart phone, genius! Anyone can create artwork and upload it in “frame studio” to create a transparent overlay, a frame that covers their profile, or smart phone. Anyone can use it, it’s not just for yourself. It gets shared, users get to select whichever frame they like, for as long as you keep it active in your effects platform.

How to use facebook camera effects platform to create frames

The facebook camera effects platform opens in a separate platform (url) to your Facebook page, but it is still a part of your personal account.

Create Frames

Facebook want you to create frames, they have made the effects platform pretty easy to use. In saying that there are a couple of things I figured out myself that will help you get your frame made quickly.


These frames are available by using these links…
Cupcakes www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/tryit/1423874411021591/
Hearts side www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/tryit/1818587878156101/
Alien www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/tryit/163644147531623/
Heart wiggle www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/tryit/1428599733900252/

You can also find them on your PC by going to your profile picture and click on update profile picture, then click on add frame and scroll down the list until you see “love heart wiggle colour” by Art Craft Crazy and follow the prompts.

Facebook have been working hard on keeping up with Instagram and Snapchat. I hope this video about how to use Facebook camera effects platform to create frames helps you out, have fun creating.