How to wrap a present creatively without using wrapping paper, print the template, cut, fold the sides, glue it up and it’s ready! This easy little project can be printed using so many different types of paper.


tie raffia knots and use balsa wood for decoration


The first one I show you is plain. With an ornamental knot, which is a twisted piece of raffia twine glued on the front and a piece of balsa wood for the background.
It works really well for wrapping gifts for men.



Now onto the Ladies design where you can glue little gems all over, or print the template out on pre-patterned paper that will fit your theme.


use the template to place over a printable design


To get this look, print the art craft crazy envelope template, then cut it out and trace it over the top of a copy of the free pretty things for you initial wall decor sheet.



The link for the art craft crazy pattern is right here: pdf gift bag envelope art craft crazy

This is a great little bag or envelope, i’m not sure what to call it really, because it can be used for so many things, let your imagination go wild. People love it when you put a lot of effort into gift wrapping, it makes them feel so special.

Gift Wrapping

Did you know that over 5 million tonnes of waste are generated over Christmas in the United States from gift wrapping paper alone. If we can wrap a present creatively and reduce waste everybody wins. Some people carefully unwrap so they can re-use their paper, this is something my Mum has done for years!

how to wrap a present creatively

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Be friendly
I have made this envelope template for you to use for personal use only, please do not use this on a commercial basis, it is © copyright.
I would also like to give credit to free pretty things for for the initial wall decor monogram sheet and ask you to visit her site, she has some beautiful printables to share.