Love is Love Handmade Cards, made with Love to celebrate equality in Australia. Art Craft Crazy have designed a square card celebrating Love in a personal way with a verse inside that completes the feels.

Love is Love Handmade Cards

My cards are unique and most are a one off design, so you need to get in quick, because I may not have that particular piece of paper ever again. I use handmade embellishments that I have made myself for these cards, so you will not get these beautiful designs anywhere else.

If you do miss out on a handmade card that has been listed in the Art Craft Crazy Shop please send me a contact message and let me know what it is that you want and I will see if I can make something similar.

I have made Love is Love Handmade Cards for Christmas, for pet lovers and for people who still love to hand over a special gift in person. Go checkout the Christmas designs, they are so unique, I have even made some with little paw prints for the pet lovers.

Love is a BIG deal

Why couples in Australia are going Crazy for these cards! Because Love is a BIG deal! and people feel great when their in Love, and we all want to give something that’s memorable and expressive.

Love Meaning


an intense feeling of deep affection
to have love or affection for another person; be in love
Love, affection, devotion
You have my heart
Love you always
Love is Love