How to make a paper plate favor box that matches your tables setting, template available, looks great on the party table easy to make and clean up.
Click on the red link below to download your free template. Print the template cut it out and place it on your paper plate and and follow the instructions in my video on how to make a paper plate favor box.

how to make a paper plate favor boxhow-to-make-a-paper-plate-favor-box-plates how-to-make-a-paper-plate-favor-box-packaginghow-to-make-a-paper-plate-favor-box_cookies





I picked these paper plates up for half price at coles in Australia, which made this project even sweeter! I loved the colours and because the price was so cheap. I was able to get even more combinations which made the table look great. If you get the opportunity to get your paper plates for 50% off grab them while you can, because the colours can then be used to design for children, boys girls or adults table themes.

Make the favor box to use on the table to save on washing up, then use them for favor boxes to give your guests some cake or cookies to take home. There’s so many ways to wrap this up, I have only shown you one way with the mini teddy bear cookies I made earlier.