My easy to follow video how to make a mini notebook tutorial free pattern. It fits in your purse, pop it in with handmade orders or gifts you send out. They’re handy enough to write a phone number or reminder on.

Perfect for promotional giveaways…
Make them using your business colours, and give one away to your customers with their purchase.

Use your business colours, and give one away to your customers with their purchase. even go as far as to stamp your details on the back!

Download free pdf pattern

Cut out your notebooks by hand use the pdf. pattern and hand cut out with scissors or use your guillotine. 10 covers fit perfectly on a 12×12 sheet or 5 on an A4.
Be creative, stamp the front cover or use a craft punch on the front. Another option is embellishing the front with stickers, calligraphy, buttons whatever crafty items you have that is reasonably flat.

PDF for hand cutting otpion 
mini notebook free pdf pattern plain design, cover — used with craft punch and scrissors

ScanNcut Machine

Use a ScanNcut to cut the entire cover. The cut file includes fold lines, either a little rose pattern or a heart that peeps through the cover. I have designed and included these two free fcm cut files here for you to download. Send the file to the scanNcut machine because the layout is all ready done, there’s nothing to do but adjust your cut setting to suit your card stock.

  • run a test cut, always do that first!
  • adjust your blade depth
  • check the cut speed
  • know your cut pressure

Download free fcm cut file for ScanNCut machine

download (1) fcm cut file rose bud design mini notebook cover, perforated fold lines —12×12 sheet
download (2) fcm cut file heart design mini notebook cover, perforated fold lines —12×12 sheet

notepad paper size
2 x 2 1/2″ and you will need 6-8 sheets per notebook

Downloaded the ScanNcut fcm. cut file, watch the video “Mini notebook tutorial free pattern” it’s easy to make up.

Is your hobby is making things to give to people as well as making art and craft to sell? What I do when I send out a handmade piece is, I pop one of these little note pads in as a thank you gift and it doubles as a nice surprise! Have you heard the saying “over deliver” it works a treat.

Mini notebook tutorial free pattern

To give you an idea of the size, it’s small enough to fit in your purse. It looks like the old-style fold over style matches we used to get.