Try this easy to make mixed media heart embellishment with three main components, cardboard, aluminium foil and tiny shapes glued under the foil, yep underneath the foil, it’s right on trend.
I first designed and made this heart embellishment because I didn’t have the right heart for my project, and now I make them so quickly each time I need one, because they are so handy and go on so many backgrounds.

Cheap to make, yes! Embellishments are so expensive, these cost pennies because you can use up bits and pieces and scrap cardboard or foamboard.
You can also make a larger version and add it to a mixed media canvas for your next wall art project. I’m making one for a large piece I’m working on soon and I will show it off when I’m finished.

Change the shape, you can use this method for other shapes as well, don’t be restricted to a heart shape try some other shapes and make it work for your project that way. Like a tag shape would look really cool as well, tags are very popular and used a lot on paper craft.

Once you have made your heart you can glue them onto your project using texture paste, gel medium or E6000 will fix as well.

PDF printable download here