Use up all your soap bits with a soap saver sponge dish made from a car wash sponge. Cut, reshape to hold your little soap pieces or a bar of soap. It’s like a traditional soap dish only it’s a soap dish sponge.

For an instant soapy sponge, cut a hole in the side (a little hidey hole) for the tiniest pieces of soap to be concealed inside the sponge, the kids will think it’s magic.

It exfoliates too, a little mini body scrub, you’ve gotta check it out, surprisingly a small piece of soap can go a long way. This works well for those little “hotel soaps” as well as the leftover slithers.

This tip is a follow up of my bathroom on a budget. The big sponge’s cost around $3.50 so go grab one and follow along, you can get them from cheap auto or dollar shops.

Soap saver sponge dish
Soap and sponge is the perfect soapy combination. Using all the soap just makes sense because you pay for it, so make yourself a soap saver sponge dish. It’s ideal as an exfoliator, a little mini body scrub. Surprisingly a small piece of soap can go a long way. This works well for those little “hotel soaps” as well as the leftover slithers.

Bathmat using old towels
Make a bathmat using one of your old towels, I’ve made a video to show you how.

Soap ideas
Don’t throw them out to the waste! I know the small slivers of left over soap aren’t easy to use, but be creative and have a go at making yourself either a soap saver sponge dish or a pocket concealed soapy sponge washer or use some of these soap ideas listed below.

Make a Sachet

If you like the smell of your usual soap, use it to add scent to a drawer, a closet, a vehicle, or a suitcase. Create a sachet by wrapping a dry sliver in a used fabric softener sheet. Tie the top with a small ribbon, and place it anywhere you want a clean fresh scent. It’s a great way to use leftover soap slivers and used fabric softener sheets.

Stick it to a New Bar

If you really don’t want to get creative and make a soap saver sponge dish, while they’re soft, press them into a new one. If the new bar is wet, the slivers of soap will blend right in. The sliver will mesh with the new bar, and they should stay together. When the new bar becomes a sliver, repeat the process, and slivers of soap will never go to waste.

Turn it into Body Wash

Body wash isn’t cheap, and slivers of leftover bars can be saved to make body wash for the bath or the shower. Save thin pieces that would otherwise end up in the bin, and once you have a stock pile, put them in the blender along with a little hot water. Add the water slowly so the mixture doesn’t become too runny. Blend the soap and the water until it reaches the right consistency, and pour it into a plastic bottle.

Perfect for Shaving

Pop the tiny pieces into a mug for use when shaving. Use the shaving brush to lather and apply, this one works great for men and women.

Make a new bar

You can collect them until you’ve got enough to make one or two bars in a jar. Put about 1/3 jar of water and let sit until the bars melt. Spray a small container (plastic food container works fine) with non-stick spray, mix the melted bars well and then pour into the container to make a new bar of soap or two. Or, you can shape them into little balls.

Make a Soap Dispenser

Cut the bottom foot off a pair of pantihose you plan to discard. Place a few soap slivers in the nylon, then tie it onto an outside faucet or tap. Now you’ll have a quick “soap” dispenser at hand for easy clean-up after gardening or other outdoor activities.
Mesh Bag

You can put all the small pieces of soap into a mesh bag (garlic and onions come in an open type mesh) that you get when you buy different produce. One end is usually sewn shut. I use a bread clip for the other end. This has worked better than a pantyhose, because it allows the soap to dry.

Turn them into Liquid Soap

Gather up your soap slivers and place them into an empty liquid soap container. Add hot tap water, seal the container and shake the contents until well mixed. You’ll now have a new liquid soap to use. Add food colouring if you want or even any oils like rose or lemon myrtle.

Pieces in Toilet Tank

We use very soft bar soap in our shower. Since it seems to melt into small pieces very quickly, we always have pieces too small to use for bathing. We lift the back of the toilet and drop in the small pieces of soap. You would be surprised how it helps keep the toilet bowl clean. Very rarely do I need to brush the toilet bowl, as the pieces of soap are continually cleaning it.

As a Lubricant

A normal bar of soap can work well as a lubricant when applied to metal. Use soap on screws before you screw them into hardwood. You can also use soap to speed up a stubborn zipper.
Run your handsaw blade over a bar of soap and it will cut through wood more easily. It also will speed up the runners on windows, sliding doors and drawers.

Try out our tips on how to use up all your soap slithers and how to make a soap saver sponge dish, pop on over to my facebook page and share your pics if you make one.
Enjoy your crafting!

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