Want some help? watercolour tips to improve how to paint, like paper how to tape it down and lighten your pencil lines. It’s all important because if you don’t know these tips you might not be happy with your finished piece.

Credit for the video goes to: Kelly Eddington Watercolors

I am so excited when I find such talented artists like Kelly that are happy to share their skills with you, enjoy and learn from her with much excitement and joy, below are some snippets from Kelly’s about me page where she talks about watercolor painting tips on her Youtube channel.

Watercolor Tips to Improve Paintings – 5 Beginner Mistakes

This info is straight from Kelly’s Youtube channel, off her about me page…

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Watch painter Kelly Eddington create realistic watercolor paintings and make recipes. The art section includes how-to-paint and how-to-draw videos, speed painting, and other art and watercolor tutorials.

Watercolour tips to improve how to paint

Choose the right pencil first, try using a HB or a 2B pencil, both are medium hard graphite pencils.
Make the initial sketch of the painting drawing in the main lines of your subject as a guideline for applying the paint. Detailed drawing and shadings are not, necessary, and are a waste of your time because they cannot be erased after your paint is applied.