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Feeling a little art craft crazy?

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”
“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”
—Robin Williams

Hello I’m Donna Phillips founder and creator of art craft crazy.com

It’s a pleasure to have you here…

We haven’t got any fancy pants layouts on this website, we have a nice, clean, and simple look. That’s because I want you to be able to find your way around easily.

Prepare yourself to be inspired, and tap into your creative side
our slogan is: “Every masterpiece begins with an idea”

Unlike other crafty websites, ones that offer still pictures and blog posts, we have more!

Art craft crazy showcases a lot of different artists using various mediums that have agreed to share their talents with you, some are so original and amazing you’ll wonder how they even think of these things,like this wire sculpture, by Robin Wight creator of fantasy wire, I know you’ll love it.

We bring together people with different qualities and backgrounds, everyone’s coming together to teach you something that you’re passionate about as well.

I will also be one of the teachers that will be helping you…

We’re not all born with oodles of talent right, but in saying that some people just seem to be good at everything they do. You know what, they had to learn it first, and they had to learn it from somewhere.

Imagine being able to meet an artist like Sarah Bishop art craft crazy enables you to see brilliant pieces like this “the horse”—graphite on paper.


Being creative is so rewarding, and therapeutic.

All it takes is an idea, just like this website started with an idea, I am an everyday person, like you. I want you to know I’m not a big company I am a dreamer! Living the dream, so come on, share your dreams with us

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Welcome again and bye for now.
Donna Phillips

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